The Tilburg chapter has made 3000 bags! What a cause for celebration! And, what is even better is this chapter enlists the help of several handicapped people to make the bags. There is truly nothing better than this. Thank you so much Margiet and your whole team. Keep up the great work, you are all incredible! XOXO--Teresa

Ha Teresa,

Here also some pictures of a part of our team and the 3000ste bag
The little bag with the dogs is nr 3000.(blue /yellow and spotted dogs)

The good news is that you can use this photo (last photo) of Dora, very proud with her bag.
The bag in her hand, she has made by herself.

All the clients are so proud of making and cutting bags
and also they enjoyed so much the combination with other volunteers.

Today we go to Bosvreugd,
a nice place in the wood, on the spring market,
I also make pictures today.

Happy Easter

groet Margriet and the Green Team.

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