Workday Wednesday

I didn't get a whole lot of fun sewing done in the past month, but I was able to get a few things out the door. Big Girl moved into her sorority for junior year at the University of MN. She's loving it! I sent her a box and slipped in a couple of fun pouches for her and her roommate. I have a Brother ribbon printer (similar to this) and could print the sorority letter ribbon. You may remember I did this for some bags last spring too.

 I think they like them! :) Her roommate is showing the back of the pouch.
I also made some fun zips for Bagette Ann's (Nashville Chapter) daughter. She just started her freshman year at Clemson. I'm so excited since that is my graduate school alma mater! Squeeee! It makes me so happy that she is there creating fun college memories. She joined a sorority too so I printed her ribbon as well. The bottom pouch is because they are the Clemson Tigers…

I put together a fun little Clemson package for Elizabeth. I'm sure she will have an awesome year! What have you been making lately? I'm so behind on back to school due to being ill, but if you made some fun things I would love to hear about them.  XOXO--Teresa