Photo Finish Friday

Snowy trees on Thursday morning.
We got dumped on again here, 6-8 inches of the pretty white stuff. I just LOVE how it looks clinging to the branches of trees, can't get enough of it. Most of it is melted already as we will hit a high of 58 today. The kids have a long weekend for fall break so we are going to enjoy Steamboat cabin for a couple of days.

Guess what I ate for breakfast? Eggs! Went for follow up appointment yesterday and I'm adding foods back in. I have to eat them 2 times a day for 3 days and see what happens. Eggs are first and I'm very happy about that! I'll probably have a salad with hard boiled eggs for lunch too. Never thought I would be so happy to eat an egg. Ha.

Hope you had a good week and cheers for an excellent weekend. XOXO--Teresa
PS-come back tomorrow for a fun freebie!

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