Sew Stuff for the Holidays!

Yes, I know, it is just now Halloween. But, let's get to thinking about the other holidays that are swiftly approaching. It's time to get in gear and start your handcrafted items NOW. Here are some past gift ideas with links to all the tutorials. 

 Ornament Bag Tutorial & Pattern (the sewists in your life would love this!)
 Includes tiny bolts of fabric!
Happy Travels Wallet (perfect for phone, money, credit cards, etc)

Quilted Lunch Tote (I'm going to make one in tennis fabric for one of my tennis pros, she brings her lunch in a plastic bag, GAH!)
 Tennis/Beach Bag
 Wrap up your gifts in a festive Green Bag Lady pattern bag!
 Maybe even appliqué on the bags!
 Or use the gift bag pattern to make very simple wrapping bags.
The homemade possibilities are endless this holiday season and people will love the time and effort you spent to give such personalized gifts. Let me know if you make any of them and share some photos. I would love to see. Cheers and happy sewing! Teresa

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harmony said...

Oh my goodness so much loveliness! You are so talented. I recognize some of those sweet gift ideas. You're truly talented!