License Plate WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 20 Green Bag Lady License Plate shopping bags are:

Lindsay M, MO
Misty R, CO
Lizzy C, MI
Pamela K, USA . . NoResp
Renee B, IL
Kristen L, WA

Susan B, USA . . NoResp
Melissa D, WI
Mike S, NC
Benny B, PA
Becky P, CO
Michele J, CO
Kathy H, CO

Anastasia S, UKRAINE
lam-sam, RUSSIA
ballbraindogs, USA . . NoResp
Leslie C, CO
David G, CO
Jenni S, CO
Bob W, CO

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, LicensePlate_2_2020


cghundley said...

Congrats to the winners!
Carla from Utah

Unknown said...

I am so honored to have wake up and seen the email from Bagette Dad in my inbox. Thank you so, so very much for choosing me!! 🛍 🤗

Unknown said...

Thanks again....
Jenni Silva aka

lena said...

You did well !!! Very beautiful bags !!! I wish you creative success. I also really want to win beauty !!! But, unfortunately, the confirmation letter does not come to my inbox ...