Tennessee, Colorado, Washington, WashingtonDC bag!

I love this note from Bagette Barbara for SO many reasons. First, she remembers the date she became a bagette! Who wouldn't love that? And, Barbara moved to Colorado before I did and helped with the formation of the chapter here. Then, she moved to Washington and started a chapter there, then to Washington DC to help with a chapter there! She is for sure our most traveled Bagette. Thanks for the photo and the note Barbara! :) Teresa
Hi Teresa.

May 20, 2020 is my 10th anniversary of meeting you and becoming a "bagette" for the Green Bag Lady project. Thank you so much for your friendship and dedication to this worthy cause. I love being part of the GBL project as much today as the first day I sewed a fabric bag! I've made many "bagette" friends over the years, and receive much joy making and giving bags to others.

Here is a photo of Bag #9604 that you gave me at Belmont University, Nashville during your May 2010 two day sew-a-thon where volunteers made fabric bags with the slogan "We Are Nashville" printed on them for people whose lives were turned upside down by the May 2010 Nashville flood.  You showed me a video explaining the GBL project, and I loved the idea of being part of such a fun and worthwhile project -- giving people fabric shopping bags to use instead of paper or plastic ones.

Bagette Barbara

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harmony said...

THIS. IS. everything that Green Bag Lady embodies and shows just how much more!! <3