Verandeno + Uniquez

Hey there! I posted about Sheika, my former student yesterday. What I didn't tell you is that she is the designer behind 2 awesome brands. Verandeno features great, super soft tees, comfy sweatshirts, cool hats and even slides! Below you can see me, Sheika and Little Girl sporting some great stuff. Clearly Sheika and Little Girl are much better models that me! I'm better behind the camera, ha! Uniquez is the other brand of leggings and underwear she has designed with a special panel for easier use of feminine products. How cool is that? You can even get the leggings on Amazon. By the way, the leggings are AWESOME. They go to my long legged ankles and fit perfectly with no gaps. Believe me, I'm a legging girl. I wear them almost every day so I know my stuff. I hope you will check it all out! :) Teresa

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