Oh deer!

Last week Bagette Sherry came to pick up handles that I serged for her. While we were chatting, several doe came to visit us. It was so sweet. When I went to get the paper (yes, we still do that!) this morning there were many more deer in my yard munching on all the red leaves that have fallen from that tree. I didn't know they ate leaves! I adore them so much. Teresa


Maria said...

Pretty! Both the leaves and the deer. We have more deer than leaves at our house and today is very windy so the leaves we do have are blowing all over. No raking required! Happy autumn to you!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Maria--We had a windy day too. That red tree in the first photo is nearly bare now. Yes, lots of deer all over the place!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful place you live!
And beautiful life, I'm sure!
Thanks to all the things you do!