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Bagette Barbara is doing an incredible job getting fabric bags out and in use in Maine. Look at all these great ones! Thanks for the update Barbara and please tell Patty that her bags are wonderful. Keep up the great work and stay warm this winter! :) Teresa

Maine Chapter Green Bag Lady Project– 2021 Autumn Update: 

Hi Teresa. 

Here in Maine, it’s that time of year when most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, temperatures are dropping, and there are fewer hours of daylight. One of my favorite winter activities is making GBL fabric bags. It’s always fun to be the recipient of various donated fabrics that will become reusable shopping bags. Please feel free to post these photos from the Maine Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project. 

1-Bagette Patty’s Bags- I was happy to receive 10 beautifully sewn GBL fabric bags from someone who found out about the Green Bag Lady Project from her daughter. “Bagette Patty” sent me these bags along with a note and a super cute photo of herself sitting at her sewing machine posing with a couple of the bags she made. These days, she only sews for herself or her family, but she said that she was happy to contribute to our “very worthwhile and generous project”. 

2- Lily’s Bag- Lily, a friend from Connecticut, came to visit me in Maine in September. I sent her home with this bag as well as bags for her friends. 

3-Purple Bags-These 15 purple bags are among my latest GBL bags that are ready to be given away. 

I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!


💚Bagette Barbara C.

Coordinator-Maine Chapter

Green Bag Lady Project

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