Workday Wednesday + Stuff

Things as of late:

1) Cow bags for Bagette Barb's granddaughter's birthday. They loved them!

2) Hockey themed pouches for the hockey team of neighbor's daughter. They loved them too!

3) Special order math pouch for a graphing calculator. Might need to add this to my etsy shop???

4) Little Girl's 20th birthday cake!

5) Special order elephant pouch for a sweet 9 year old.

6) I got an Oura Ring for Christmas! It's a health/fitness/sleep tracker that you wear on your finger instead of your wrist. I have been toying with getting an Apple Watch for years but didn't want to have something on my arm AND didn't want to be told every time I had a text or email. This is perfect! I'm already getting lots of good sleep and fitness info. It comfy and connects to an app on your phone. I LOVE it when it tells me I have reached or exceeded my activity goal for the day. :) If you are interested, you can use THIS LINK for $50 off and 6 months free membership! Score!

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