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Hey lovely readers. I have never asked for money here on Green Bag Lady but I do hope you will consider donating to a very worthy cause. Bagette Liia, who is the chapter coordinator from Zaporizhia, Ukraine needs our help. Zaporizhia is in the east of Ukraine in one of the hardest hit areas. She and her son had to escape to Poland and were luckily taken in by some wonderful Polish people. Liia's funds are running low, mainly because she is sending money back to the Ukraine to help the troops on the front line. Ugh. I can't even imagine!

This photo is of Liia and her students when they started the chapter a few years ago. Here is another post of Liia and her students. Please read more from Bagette Liia below. Please consider donating. I would appreciate it SO much. I promise that every dime donated will go directly to Bagette Liia. There are 3 ways to donate:

Paypal: (please put the word Ukraine in the notes)

Venmo: @teresa-granath-1 (please put the word Ukraine in the notes)

By check: PM me or email me for info:

I hope to donate directly into Liia's Polish bank account once a week. Hugs to you all, any amount is great! I will personally be donating $500 from me and Bagette Dad because I KNOW he would love that. Teresa

March 10, 2022

Dear Teresa,

I was touched to tears reading your words of support, thank you very much. I had to go to another country with my 13 year-old son. It was a long and exhausting journey including a car accident but we are safe now in Poland. Polish people gave us a place to live and their government provides us with some food and clothes collected by volunteers.  I have to find a job here...

Our students are in the western part of Ukraine or abroad, they left Zaporizhia which is in the south-east of Ukraine. Some are still in the city. Russian forces occupied all smaller towns of our region and they are 50 km from Zaporizhia. They have destroyed all the infrastructure and do not let the citizens a chance to leave towns, Ukrainians suffer a lot and there are a lot of victims....

I pray and hope Ukraine will survive and overcome!

Thanks again for your care! Best regards, Liia

April 16, 2022

Dear Teresa,

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, had some problems with the access to the Internet. Polish people are very hospitable and the teachers' society in Krakow promised to organise special Polish language courses for Ukrainian teachers in order to let them find jobs at schools in September. Now I cannot do it without the proper knowledge of Polish. I still work for my Ukrainian school, we have started distance learning for those students who are safe.
As for the money help you have offered, I would be very grateful if it is possible, but I really feel uncomfortable saying that😢 Though I still get salary from Ukraine I try to transfer some sum of money to the volunteers from our school who provide the defenders of our city with all things they need from food to the uniforms etc. There is a lack of everything there((( Also the term of free-of-charge living in a host family is expiring soon. 

Thank you for your support 
Best wishes, Liia 

April 24, 2022

Dear Teresa,

Thanks again for your email and support and your offer!
Yes, I am ok, to the extent possible in this situation.
Fundraising campaign is the thing I have never imagined...that it could be organised for the sake of my family and my city. It is challenging and requires a lot of commitment so it is not an easy task to do... 
I am so embarrassed that my letter looks like begging for money ((( Really we do not need much right now and the needs of our army is above ours and I hope for the better, but the news is still terrible.

Thanks for everything you do!
Best wishes,

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