Workday Wednesday

Between tennis, etsy orders and alterations, my days have been getting away from me! Here is what I've been up to:

1) Fixed the leather attachment on a friend's fav purse

2-3) Made a new cover for a heated neck pillow. I used some of Harmony's fabric and added a zipper.

4) 13 custom XS tennis pouches for an etsy order. This is pretty much every tennis fabric I have!

5) I loved making those pouches so much that I added all of them as a listing in my etsy shop!

6) Another custom pouch for etsy. Yay elephants! :)

7) Making bags from the "garage of fabric" the bottom row are ironed flat to go in etsy orders. :)

8) Made bracelets for Little Girl and 2 of her sorority sisters. Their symbol is an anchor.

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