I've been a slacker about posting this week, here is an update:

1) I made 2 ring pillows, some pocket squares and some handkerchiefs out of a mom's wedding dress for her daughter's nuptials. Such a fun project!

2) Bagette Joanne visited from Nashville! She and her hubby came out for a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater and were able to stop by. YAY! Great to see her again.

3) I'm finally getting my front steps redone with grey flagstone. I attempted to paint the bricks with outdoor paint but it peeled off almost immediately even though it was "industrial outdoor paint." I think the brick was too flaky/sandy for it to stick. I'm so excited about the grey flagstone. Finally, my steps will match the rest of my grey/black/white house. 

I've also been doing various alterations and playing tennis. What have you been up to? Do share--Teresa

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harmony said...

Love the clever reuse of the wedding dress - brilliant. What are the dates for??
I am also curious about the butt shot? Looks like the road not your steps??
curious in cali