Mass Production

I had my 6 week post op appointment yesterday and was told I'm "ahead of the curve" in healing. YAY! I don't have to wear the brace anymore unless I'm doing physical activities. I can run again and hit a tennis ball against a wall only with my right hand, but at least things are looking good. :)

Meanwhile, I've been in full pouch production mode over here. The holidays and booth sales are my busiest time so I'm on a mission to make as many zip pouches as possible. I was able to still cut fabric even with a cast on so I did a bunch of that for about 3 weeks. Then, I did all the quilting and am now cutting out the pieces and matching them with zippers. Next steps will be adding zippers, ironing, adding ribbon and final sewing, pressing, adding labels and ribbon pulls on the zippers. LOTS of steps! It's good for my fine motor skills. Wishing you a good and productive week--Teresa

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