Patchy Pants

Little Girl loved what I did to the jeans I showed you last week (Photo 1) and wanted me to do a second pair. I did them a bit different and I'll walk you through the steps, super fun and easy if you want to try!

Photo 2--After

Photo 3--Before

Photo 4--I cut out all the extra strings and used a piece of old denim that I put inside the hole, I used a disappearing marking pen to trace around the inside of the hole so I would know where to embroider the flowers.

Photo 5--I used an embroidery hoop and thread to stitch cute flowers on the denim pieces.

Photo 6--I used a seam ripper to take out a length of the side seam to make it easier to sew in the patches.

Photo 7 & 8--I ironed on some fusible interfacing on the back of the patches so the threads would stay in place and not get caught on toes when putting on the jeans.

Photo 9--Pinned the patch in place all the way around the edge.

Photo 10--After sewing I turned the jeans inside out and cut out the excess fabric from the edges.

Photo 11--Done! I love how this turned out. I can't wait to see them on Little Girl! :)

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MissesStitches said...

Love your decorations! I'm "patching" some of my blue jeans right now, too! So thanks for some additional ideas for stitches.