I've been doing lots of stuff AND watching the US Open. Some crazy matches! I need to get a 100 mph serve. I think it would improve my game greatly! Ha.

1) New mug (on clearance at Joann) which pretty much sums up my life.

2)  Joann also had yoga mugs and fabric that matched. I couldn't help making a bag for friend who teaches yoga as a birthday present. Cute, no?

3 & 4) One of my besties mother just passed away and her son had given her this shirt a couple of months ago. Bestie asked me to make a pillow out of the tee for her son, a sweet way to remember his grandma.

5 & 6) Little Girl loves these jeans but the holes in the knees were kind of giant and would be chilly in the winter. I sewed patches from old denim fabric into the holes first and then did some decorative stitching with embroidery thread (I did take the side seams apart to make both the patching and stitching easier). I LOVE how these turned out think maybe I need a pair!

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harmony said...

AWESOME Pants! So good!
Sorry about your friend's mom... sweet pillow! <3