Dishwashing Soap

Do you use the dishwashing pods with the plastic wrapped around them? If so, you may want to stop. We had a huge plumbing issue with our kitchen sink/dishwasher that my husband tried to fix and finally called a plumber. The plumber had to snake really far down to get rid of the clog. He told us the issue was the plastic around the soap pods doesn't really fully dissolve and then ends up clumping together to make a huge gooey mess. Ugh. After that, we started unwrapping the Finish pods you see below before running the wash cycle. Then, I was at Target and found this "old school" powder that comes in a cardboard box with a metal pull out spout that works GREAT. And, it's only $5 for the huge recyclable box. Win win win! I love it, my husband loves it and my pipes love it too. Cheers--Teresa

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Lee said...

Oh Wow! Thank you for this post and I am not going to use them anymore either!