Photo Finish Friday

Green Bag Lady is officially 15 years old this month, can you believe it? What a journey it has been. Here are some fun facts:

•Over 175,000 bags sewn and given away

•108 chapters all over the world. 63 USA and 45 International

•Thousands of people making the choice of fabric over paper/plastic

•4,057 blog/facebook posts

•2,324,517 blog visitors

Of course, the VERY best part of the last 15 years has been meeting Bagettes either in person or virtually. I LOVE this. I adore all of you who have started chapters, sewn bags, collected fabric, and given away bags you have made or helped make. Thanks for an amazing 15 years, keep up the great work and happy sewing! Teresa

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Anonymous said...

Great congrats to all the things you do.

Victor. Russia