Weekend in Philly with Big Girl (links in Photo Finish Friday post):

1-3) Eastern State Penitentiary, super interesting audio tour. Highly recommend.

4-5) Barnes Foundation Museum, so incredible. Also highly rec.

6) Lots of gorgeous murals in Philadelphia.

7) Hubby and Big Girl did her fav workout, boxing. I wasn't feeling well so I got coffee instead. :(

8-9) Betsy Ross House. Big Girl has a part time job there. It's very cool. I HAD to take a pic of myself in her sewing room, right? Fun fact, Betsy Ross was not a seamstress, she was an upholsterer. I think they need tees that say, "Betsy is my bestie." I would have totally bought one!

10) Lots of fun food and delicious drinks.

Best part of course was hanging with our first born. She made a great itinerary and we did most of it! Love that girl with all my heart. :) Teresa

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