Greener Update

Update on this post.  I have more green product experiences to tell you about: 

1) Although, I really liked the Viori shampoo/conditioner bars, I was disappointed when one of my readers pointed out that their bars don't weigh the amount listed on the packaging. I weighed my won and she was correct. I contacted the company and got a really disappointing response so I moved on. I have now tried The Earthling Co. bars in Citrus Sun scent. Oh my! I love them! I'm a big fan of citrus scents so this was a win from the first sniff. The shampoo lathers very nicely and my hair feels squeaky clean. I struggled a bit with the Viori conditioner bar at first, but found The Earthling Co. one very easy to use. It goes on nicely and conditions my hair just right. The shape fits nicely in my hand making it easy to use. Highly recommend.

2) I've been using these trash bags for a while for my kitchen (I don't use bags anywhere else in my house) and they are great. I've used some green options in the past and found them to break easily and not hold much garbage. These hold up well to trash and recycling, I just ordered more. I found them on Amazon but can get them right from Green Earth.

3) Blueland. Wow, I love this stuff. I have pretty much switched all of my cleaning supplies over the Blueland and have been very impressed. I'm using the foaming hand soap, glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dishwasher soap and toilet bowl cleaner. I love how the refills are little tabs that you drop in after you fill the bottle with water. And, the tins for dishwasher tabs and bowl cleaner are so cute I don't mind leaving them out. Again, highly recommend. I plan to switch my cabin over to these too once I use up my existing cleaning supplies.

I don't get any kick backs from anything I recommend so these are all completely unbiased opinions. Have you tried anything that you like lately? Do tell! Teresa

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