ANNOUNCING: Aztec, NM Chapter!

Welcome Bagette Jan to the Green Bag Lady family! AND, she is our FIRST chapter in New Mexico, wahoo! I first heard about Jan when I gave her brother a bag here in CO. He lives in my neighborhood and I'm friends with his daughter. Love how that all works out. He said that his sister loved to sew and I lucked out that she wanted to start a chapter. Look at all these SUPER CUTE bags she has been making. :) Way to go Bagette Jan, keep up the great work, happy to have you--Teresa


Hi Teresa,
Hope you are doing great. I just gave 30 bags away at our local farmers market. So fun seeing the faces of people when they get something free. Here are some photos  of my newest bags.

I’ve had a few men ask if I could make some bags that are just plain for them. It makes  sense. 😁

Bagette Jan
Coordinator, Aztec, NM Chapter 

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