Check In

Hey there, I'm here! I've literally been chained to my sewing machine making pouches for holiday sales. My first sale is this Sat and being gone to Scotland for 2 weeks set me back a skosh in the production department. Bagette Danny has been helping me which is awesome. I'm about to head back and sew handles on Green Bag Lady bags for people to use for their purchases. I'll post some sale pics this weekend. :)

In the meantime, enjoy some plant pics. 

1) Proud that I was able to keep this cute fir tree alive that I got on clearance last Christmas. It started to have some dead branches and thought it was going to expire on me but it just needed LOTS of water and love. 

2) I had to move my monstera to a corner in my dining room. I had it right by my front door but it was attacking people when they came in. Ha.

3-7) My 5 (yes, 5) Christmas Cacti are all blooming. Squeee! You know I love this and especially love my peach lady. They were some of my mom's favs and now mine too.

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Vic said...

Many greetings from Russia!
you have green thumb, green hands and green Heart, best wishes to you!