2024 Green Things

Continuing on my green journey in 2024. If you would like to read some of the things from last year, go to this post.

1) I think I have finally settled on my favorite shampoo bar/conditioner bar situation. If you have followed along on this, I've tried Viori, Earthling Co, kit•sch and Attitude. I found the Attitude brand at my local Natural Grocers store. I LOVE the smell of the sandalwood scent which is why I decided to try them in the first place, second, they were on sale for only $10/bar. Score! I really like them. The only downside is that the conditioner is not quite moisturizing enough for my dry hair. I tried kit•sch in the fall and do like their products too but felt that the conditioner made my hair too soft and the shampoo bar didn't last very long. Jeez. But, I have settled on a combo of using a bit of both conditioners together, works perfectly!

2) I got a LOMI for Christmas! We are now composting again, yay! Many of you long time readers will remember that we had 2 backyard composters when we lived in Nashville. Then, we moved to a CO neighborhood with lots of wildlife and composters are not allowed by our HOA. I started seeing information about LOMI about a year ago and was fascinated by the compact, countertop idea. I asked hubby for it for Christmas and got this cute blue one. I LOVE it! We have been making dirt out of all our food waste about every other day. Hubby was worried that it would smell, but it doesn't at all. I've put a lot of the dirt in my plant collection and the rest is on my deck in a bucket waiting for spring planting. It's really SO COOL.

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