Bagette Kathleen. . .FREEBIE!

This is the wonderful Bagette Kathleen. She recently started making these cute little gift bags out of our scrap fabric and fabric samples. Isn't that a wonderful use of scraps? They are adorable and we have some to give away for FREE!

ANYONE, even if you have previously won a gift bag or other bag , is eligible to enter!!!!

To be entered for this FREEBIE, follow these instructions:

1. Leave a comment

2. In your comment, tell us what your favorite post is on the Green Bag Lady Blog and why

3. Leave your email address in the comment spelling out AT and DOT so you don't get spam.

4. Last day to leave a comment will be midnight Saturday, June 27, 2009.

Bagette Dad will pick the winners and contact you. Good luck, we look forward to reading your comments!

Teresa and the Bagettes


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

I recently came across your blog and started reading... I have to say that I loved your Post called "What is Summer without"... having 2 small children of my own I appreciate the outdoors and hope that my kids do as well - we were lucky enough to come across a little stray chicken this afternoon - they were amazed - as was I.

Thank you for this lovely giveaway.


Marina Carvalho said...

Hi there!
Well, I fund out about this blog a week ago but already became a big fan of Green Bag Lady. I love last year's post "We did it! OVER 3000!". It's great to see how we can reach people all over the world. As a brasilian it also makes me feel proud that people around here have received the bags because it indicates that people from 3rd world country are also acting towards a better world. It also shows how we can use technology to achieve good things. Green Bag Lady did it - we should all follow it's example. If you get a bag for free... give someone else a bag for free!

Peace to all


Vicky said...

My daughter whom lives in Arkansas, and is the Air Force, first sent your website to me, many months ago, and I so look forward to reading, how you inspire others to do what you are doing and have done. I like reading the stories from all over as to what other people young and old are doing to follow in your footsteps. I y=think this is great, and I too am not very good at sewing, but am trying to convince my mom, who is to start making these.
Thank you for all that you do and are doing,



SandyQuilts said...

I've been making gift bags for about 8yrs now ... no wrapping paper in my house. And yes they do have to return the bag. LOL

My favorite post is this one
Why? It's me. LOL

andrea said...

i love all the posts of people using their newly acquired Green Bag Lady Bag and the pics they send along with them. it is so fun to see the backgrounds and all the places that the bags journey to, also i love to see the fabrics used and the combinations of pattern and color put together. I LOVE FABRIC!!! it has such personality!


Cole Train said...

I would love to have one of your shopping bags, I never seen a really pretty one around before. My favorite posting is "If you forget your bags in the car and are already at the check out, just have them put your items back in the cart and bag them in your fabric bags once you get to your car." as I always do this and I never thought of just loading back in the cart until I got to the car, this is a great tip. AT DOT

Brooke Ledford said...

I really like the idea. Your bags are cute.


Robin said...

Hi. My favorite post--the tip about what to do if you leave your bags in the car. I follow your tips but have never done this one yet-the next time I forget my bags I will definitely follow this advice.

robin demaree at yahoo dot com

rleahy5atyahoodotcom said...

This is a great site! I love all the pictures showing how everyone is using their bags. It is very inspiring to see how much work is going into providing SO MANY bags for SO MANY people! Thank you so much for your giving attitude, hard work, and generosity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa and Bagette:
I cannot wait to get my hand on one of your Green Bag, i will use it for my Grocery. If all supermarket can start charging bags, this way everyone will start useing one of your green bag/reusable bags...
Thank you for doing this "Green Bag Lady!"

Anna said...

(Holding hand over heart)
>> I forever promise to use this bag over paper or plastic. I have already taken all of my plastic bags back to kroger for recycling and have (badly) sewn my own shopping bags.
>> I do no use paper bags unless I am collecting veggie scraps to put into compost and compost the paper bag as well. I reuse all my plastic milk jugs for laundry soap that I made myself, from recycled cooking oil and ashes from my fireplace.
>> I cut up all my kids clothes that are not donaable and make quilts for the elderly, or my family.
>> There are still a few points where I can improve but I am making my best efforts to make this earth better. each garbage day,w e only put out MAYBE one full bag, vs the neighbor's 6-7. We really do try and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of your pretty bags! I will use it proudly and will pass your website on to others to encourage them as well to be greener each day.
>> Thank you!!!
>> by the way, I love leaves, sage or lime green are my favourites and anything with greenery on it tickles me green. of course, anything feminie and pretty would be appreciated.
>> Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
>> Anna

anna_suddeth at yahoo dot com

Viorica said...

Hi there my name is Viorica, 29, from Newark, NJ.
I saw your clip on internet.
I do reuse some of the plastic when I clean fruit or veggies to put scrapping into, however, I am sure I can live without them. I love the idea of the bags, but they all come in green from the grocery, and I am a fan of printeds with big flowers.
I also like your idea to convince people to use bags. I want to see your idea, and if you don't mind, I am going to have my mom (she is dressmaker) teach me how to make one so I can pass some out to my friends so they can go plastic free as well!
I would love to have one of your bags as sort of a motivator and inspiration!
Thank you and may God bless you!

viorica_haraga AT yahoo DOT com

Baggett Connie said...

Theresa, Its Connie from SC. Looks like Kathleen's gift bags are almost as large as the shopping bags. They are pretty nice.I see you have been busy too. I am still making bags and giving them away. I run out of material and then in no time someome comes up with some for me. You know you inspired me to continue and told me to just keep on and the fabric would come. I was only hoping to inspire others as well as you have. and the time has finally come. I had two ladies come to me and say that they are now committed to making more bags and not only using them theirself but incouraging others to do the same. The children are even getting in on this. What a great feeling it is to know that you are helping to save our earth. Thank you again for sharing.
Baggett Connie from SC

Baggett Connie said...

opps forgot to tell you the post I like the most and I have to agree with the ladies before me. it is the tip about leaving the bags im the car because I have even forgot to put the bags back in my car and got to the store and no bags. So I just take my groceries to the car in the buggy and then put them in the car and when I get home get the bags and go to the car and bag them to bring in the house. LOL. When you get old like me you forget alot of things. Any way you said I could try for a gift bag even if I had already gotten a bag before. You bet I want one . So in case you forgot my email addy its cwcolleyatdishmaildotnet
Thank you again for being such a great inspiration.
SC Connie

Anonymous said...

Hi What a super site!! I am a recent rewly wed and having just moved house a friend gave me a reusable shopping bag - which I always take when getting my groceries, however another 1 would be even better!! A real must for any new wife/home owner!!
Celine Northern Ireland

Ira said...

Hi Teresa and the Bagettes :)
Those surely are lovely bags. Hope I can win it ;)

My fave post from your blog is My Green Girl.
Why? That post shows that your family are happily involved in this project and it starts to have positive influence for them. Having introduced to green project since they're young is a good education for them.

I hope your children, the bagettes, and the rest of green bag ladies can continue and spread your mission to make a better world :)

okta399 AT yahoo DOT com

Lilly said...

My favorite post is the "4 days of fascination ...".
Those caterpillars are so fascinating ^^
I would never touch them but all the kids seem to enjoy this day.

eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Anonymous said...

I am new to this site but really liked the recent post "What is Summer without". It brings back memories of when the summers seemed endless.


amyschiff AT gmail DOT com

Rebekah said...

I think my favorite post is on the one about "It would be so easy . . ." How true that is! So much of our lives can be boiled down to the choices we make. Big or small, they define us, make our lives what they are, and impact the world and the people around us. The easy way is, well, easy, but the road of discipline and commitment always yields better results.

Raina Johnson said...

Hi, I ran across your site looking for bags I could use instead of the normal paper or plastic when grocery shopping. I would love to have one of these, if they are still available. And by far " Aunt Frances" is my favorite. I just sit back and think, if "Aunt Frances" can take the time to go green so can I.



Rebekah said...

My previous comment - secondary e-mail is

BKelly said...

What a great way to use your scraps. I have started giving gifts in fabric bags. It is great, because people feel like they are getting a second gift (and one they can reuse).
My favorite part of the website is actually the list of all the people that have received bags. It is fun to see that they are all over.

barbaramkelly (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

hi i would love a free bag my email is my name is jimmy my adres is 851 fairview village ct. cullpeper VA united states 22701

i promise id use it

Sylvia Shannon said...

Hi Teresa!
This is such a great way to do your part for the environment. It's not only saving the planet, but also helping people change their way of thinking. We all need to be more mindful about the "stuff" we use in our daily lives. A lot of us could make do without over half of the things we have. I went back over your blog, and one entry that stands out is "Mom was right". I also come from a frugal background where every container was reused, even paper towels were wrung out and reused until they disintegrated. Keep up the great work, and also thank you for making a better tomorrow, on behalf of my son who is now ten months old.

samoraj A T h o t m a i l D O T c o m

Bobbie said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say I loved the post about your Saturday help. I loved seeing the children getting in on the action of making bags. My mother sowed but never taught me how. So love to see children learning from the beginning.
eyzofgreen at gmail dot com


KimberlyAnne said...

I came across your blog and fell in love with the bags! It is such a great idea to use the fabric bags instead of the plastic ones that they give away in the grocery store - Even though I try to save them and not throw them away they keep piling up! It's amazing what you have done with the bags! It's great to see what everyone else has done with them as well...

Anonymous said...

My favorite post is "Too good not to share..." with the clip from 'The Goode Family'. Funny!

resenn (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

My favorite post is on how to make your own bags. I need to start making some!


Thanks so much,


Tara said...

Hi! What a great way to use up my sewing scraps. I love that you have a tutorial on how to make the bags yourself instead of hoarding the information you share the love! Thanks a bunch for a great giveaway!