Saturday help?

The weekends are when I get most of my sewing done. The Bagettes and I meet on Sunday afternoon so I try to get as many bags serged as I can before we get together. I try to do between 100-150+ per week. The bags are then matched with handles (a favorite activity of yours truly AND little girl). I bring the bag sets to the Bagette meeting and the sets get a label ironed in them and markings for handles. They are then handed off to the handle sewers to work their magic.

The first 800+ bags I made myself and then all these lovely people (Bagettes) came out of the woodwork to help. Aren't they wonderful? If you are new to the blog, you can read about them here, here, here and here and here too!

Here are little man and little girl "helping" me sew this afternoon. . .

Here is little girl as she is sorting the serged handles to be cut tomorrow. . .

Check in tomorrow as I will be posting a FREEBIE!!! Teresa

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