Photographer: Janet Galore
Let's have a little chat about Spam Folders. Please check yours often after you have entered one of our freebies. Bagette Dad (my father, David VanHatten) often has trouble getting in touch with winners because his messages go to spam. sigh. If you entered the Black Friday Freebie and have not heard from us, please go check your Spam. Also, for those of you who entered the freebie below, check yours often tomorrow. Thanks! We want to give bags. . .we can't if we don't know where to send them.

You don't want your bag to be homeless, do you? Teresa

PS, if you think you have won a bag and an email bounced to Bagette Dad, please leave a comment here and we will remedy the situation.

PPS, make sure you keep checking for our next FREEBIE, it will be HUGE and will start next week!

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Amy said...

I think my spam settings were so jacked up I have been missing out on a ton of emails! All fixed now!
myzoebug at ix dot netcom dot com