Ship's Log Day 12 March 16, 2011

A bit out of order, but I still wanted to post about our last day at sea…
Today is our last day on the Sea Dragon and Mother Earth pulled out all her glory for us! The ocean was clam, the wind was at our backs and the moon and stars peaked out for us for the first time in many nights. Glorious. During one of my shifts, I spent 45 minutes just gazing upwards and contemplating the beauty of it all. It was nice to have a good night to sail after 2 very hectic ones! The entire crew sure appreciated that.

The top photo is just before sunset and the bottom is of Chris having the time of his life steering the boat.

This is all the Ship's Log posts that I will be doing. I will start posting more photos from each of the days. Thanks again for following along! You are all the best! Teresa

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harmony said...

stunning scenery. I bet the stars were incredible! Glad you are back on land. :)