New York Bags!

I won these back in July(I believe that's when) and unfortunately am just now posting this...I LOVE my bags they are perfect for when I go to produce place to put all my fresh fruits and veggies in ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You Green Bag Lady for such great bags
Trents Gigi

Thanks for the photo! You have reminded me that I need to make a bunch of PRODUCE BAGS and give those away too! No plastic for produce too! Teresa


Adventurous Quilter said...

Omg I think I know the household who got these bags! Small world!

Maria said...

I use muslin for produce bags. You can get it very cheap at fabric stores especially with a coupon. There are some great muslin prints at


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Really Marianne!!!???

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Such cute prints Maria, I love them all! Those bees!!!!!