Photo Finish Friday

Wild fire in my neighborhood on Wednesday! 
The spoon.

Cool DIY.

Awesome and beautiful.

Super cute upcycle. I bet this would be GREAT for stained shirts too!

Cute lunches, some idea for more snacks.


What a week. My Little Man turned 11 on Tuesday. 11! What? When this blog started he was only 4. This is one of my favorite posts from when he was little. Awwwww. Tearing up.

I didn't get to my Workday Wednesday post, I'll share more next week. I'm doing a holiday sale this weekend with some friends. I have almost 100 pouches to sell. WOW! What are you doing this weekend? I hope something fun! Teresa


Lori said...

ohh this is a little close. hope the fire gets under control and all are safe

Burovik said...

Smo-o-o-ke on the...grass (water)!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

It's all good now, 100% contained as of Saturday. Thanks Lori!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

True Burovik! n