Photo Finish Friday

Aren't they cute? I had the pleasure of speaking to Bagette Jackie's granddaughters 3rd grade class last Friday for Earth Day. They were SO sweet and impressed me with their knowledge of recycling and even plastic in the ocean! Way to go 3rd graders. Jackie's granddaughter is on the far right, she's simply adorable!
These are pretty cool.



Yum. These too.

Just ordered another one of these. Let the grilling commence!

I'm really thinking I need to start listening to Podcasts. Maybe while I sew? Do you listen?

What's your plan this weekend? I'm headed to Nashville. YAY! I get to see my old colleagues and my Bagettes. So excited. My godchild is also having her First Communion. It's a banner weekend all around. Big Girl is going with me to look at Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities. I still can't believe she'll be off to college soon. Teresa

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