Workday Wednesday

The secret is out. People have figured out that I'm handy with a needle and thread! I have been SO busy doing alterations these past few weeks. I hemmed and adjusted countless prom dresses, took up at least a dozen pairs of pants, dresses and skirts, fixed a mink coat, adjusted the sleeves on a sport coat as well as hemmed some curtains and made pillow covers. Whew!

I have also been working on special orders for my etsy shop. One person wanted 26 of these snack bags as goodies for her colleagues. While I was at it, I made 60 just to have on hand. I've already sold another 5 of them. I hope to put a few sets in the shop…
This is another special order. One of my friends here has a daughter on the crew team at Creighton University. She wanted little pouches for the team. I was able to find this cute oar/paddle fabric from an etsy shop. Creighton's colors are blue and white so it worked out great. Can you see that I did the quilting in waves?
This is the back. Creighton's mascot is the blue jay and I live how this fabric coordinated with the paddles.
Off to do more alterations. What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear. Teresa

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