Workday Wednesday

Here's something I haven't posted in a while, a chalk paint piece of furniture! It's not for me, my house is pretty full. I'm making it as a classroom creation for the Little Man's school auction coming up. It looks kind of cute in this photo, but there are actually a lot of chips in it and it looks junky in real life. I got it for $15 on my neighborhood Facebook page. It is sturdy though!
 I'm HORRIBLE at remembering to take before photos. Life goal to get better! Ha!
 Here it is painted and distressed…

The classroom part of this project is we had the kids cut their names out of magazines and we used Modge Podge to adhere the letters inside the drawers. So, from the outside it will look like a cute dresser, on the inside, the fun names!
 You can see my distressing pretty clearly here. I still need to do the coats of wax and then will be done.
I'll post a photo next week of the finished project, inside of all the drawers too. Cheers! Teresa

PS: other Annie Sloan chalk paint projects (aka "a walk down memory lane")


Wicker dresser + elephant dresser

Table + chairs

Small cabinet

Desk (one of my favs)

Free bench!


2 dressers

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