Arizona Bag and Bag Lady!


I got the green bag last Monday, but just now I finally got a chance to take photos with my bag. I was inspired by you to make my own shopping bags. I made two bigger shopping bags and used it to shop today. My first try was not as good as I expected to be, but I didn't give up. Instead, I made another one which was nicer than the first one. Today, I bought more fabric so that I can make more to give to my family here and in my home country Philippines. Also, I am planning during summer break to make more bags ( made of harder fabric)to give away to the kids in the Philippines  that could not afford to buy a school bag. 

You have inspired me to start sewing, and I am thanking you for that! Again, thank you very much for the nice and light weight shopping bag. Also, light blue is my favorite color.

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More power and have a blessed one!
Nelda C. 
Phoenix, Az

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Claire from NY said...

Yeyyyyy!!! Hi sis :-)
You made it to the green bag lady site, wooohooO!!!