We get many many fabric donations, which we love. We don't get much thread, which we need.  Yesterday I went to visit Lane who is retiring and cleaning out his studio. This is what he gave me.  WOW! Isn't it all lovely? Much of it is on vintage wood spools too. I have just enjoyed going through it and seeing all the pretty colors.  I'm easy to entertain, clearly. Maybe I just need more hobbies that don't include fabric, thread or needles.  Gotta run, I have pretty thread calling my name.  Teresa

P.S. Once again, thank you Lane for everything you have given selflessly to Green Bag Lady.  We would still be at 2000 or so without you!


Anonymous said...


Bagette April

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Oh boy! Oh boy! Those are tons of threads you have. How exciting! I am like you too, it don't take much to entertain me. Just look at the pretty threads make me giggle and excited. LOL!