For a special teacher…

A couple of weeks ago I got another email:

Hello, I just found your site and am in LOVE! I don't know if I can send
a pic because the work is done at a school.  I am trying to work on my
son's fourth grade teacher end of the year gift.  She loves to beachcomb
and we are hoping to use one of your bags as part of her gift.  She has
really instilled in the children this year to create projects out of
recycled materials (projects are hanging in the classroom now out of
recycled materials). They have recycle bins everywhere.  The kids have
learned to recycle EVERYTHING - pens, capri suns, paper, water bottles,
ink cartridges, and they have learned so much about protecting our
earth.  They don't waste paper, etc. My son now has us not using plastic
water bottles and we only use re-usable shopping bags.  It has been such
a great year.  Even our first grader has become conscious of mother
earth.  I will try to take a picture of the classroom tomorrow but the
school is very strict about pictures being taken.  This teacher, Mrs.
Porter has been such a blessing.  My son has some significant medical
issues and she never threw in the towel once this year with him.  We are
so blessed.  We are trying to stuff a recycled bag for her with lots of
wonderful tools to comb the beach. We live in FL and a wonderful gift
card to Barnes and Nobles so she can read this summer and enjoy her
break.  She deserves it, she has worked so hard with our precious
kiddos.  Thank you for all you do as well to make our world a better and
brighter place! 
All my best, Lauren D
Jacksonville, FL

So, for the special and dedicated Mrs. Porter, I made her a couple of beach bags. They have mesh on the bottom so that sand can fall out, leaving all the beach trash (and maybe some treasure) inside the bag.
These are made from a shower curtain that was included in a fabric donation. I even used the top part of the curtain to make the handles on one of the bags. The fabric is great for a beach bag because it will dry quickly and the sand will just shake off of it. I hope Mrs. Porter enjoys this upcycling!
I also sent along a batch of solid colored bags for the kids in her class to decorate with crayons or markers. Similar to what I did with the Girl Scout troop recently.
Great job Ms. Porter, enjoy your bags and beach combing this summer! Keep up the great work! Teresa


Tami C said...

That's just wonderful of you Teresa! It's always good to hear of such a great teacher.

uma said...

Great idea to use mesh on the bottom.. They will like it for sure

harmony said...

Your love and generosity never cease to inspire and amaze me. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is a better place with YOU in it Green Bag Lady!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Tami, and, I agree, the world needs as many awesome teachers as we can get!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Uma, really not that much harder to make than a regular bag.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, thanks Harmony, you are the best!

Anonymous said...

You were great! Success to you in the future. Sorry for mistakes, I don't speak
English. аnd ekaterina.kartsevа@yandeх.ru