Photo Finish Friday

Little Girl at prom last weekend. She had a great time. Heart her so much!
Mr. Trash Wheel!

Cool trees.

It's the beginning of cake season. THIS!

Really need to make my own veggie burgers.

Are bag bans effective? I say yes and it's a start…

Global bag bans

We are taking Little Man to his final volleyball season tournament tonight. He's been playing high school JV boy's volleyball for the past month or so. He's loving it but at the same time looking forward to it being over. He's doing great for an 8th grader on the team. His serve! It should be a legit high school sport next year instead of just a club team. Yay! Lots of sewing to do this weekend too, hoping to crank out my to do list. Have a great one! XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

Beauty! Makes my smile from ear to ear.