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I cried when I read this story from Tuyen, our newest chapter coordinator in Anaheim, CA.  She was my roommate at the Algalita Youth Forum in Long Beach. When we first met, I mentioned Green Bag Lady and gave her a bag. I told her there were chapters all over the world and she said, "I sew, I can start a chapter!" Just like that! She's awesome and has the sweetest daughter too. We hung out all weekend. You have to read the story below about the bag she is holding and the story behind it. Aaaaand, how cute is her mom?? Love, love, love--Teresa

Hello Teresa,

How are you doing?

We were boat people, we left Vietnam on a small boat traveling out into the ocean looking for freedom 5 days and 6 nights to Paulo BiDong Island in Malaysia. We were in a refugee camp for 10 months until we had a family sponsor us to California. Going thru old bags in the garage, I just found this handmade bag from 1979. My mom sewed by hand. My family and I were in the camp, my Mom made bags for us to put our clothes in to travel into the United States. It is still sturdy, the zipper is not working well. It is 40 years from then and I am about to make bags to give away just like you. I love your cause and I couldn't believe I am going to do this project with a group of good Moms.

Thank you for starting this project.


Chapter Coordinator
Anaheim, CA


poletali said...

Bravo! inspiring story!

harmony said...

Awwww.... Awesome! So wonderful to see the care and love and how the story goes on . . .