A Little CleaningI

I spent a good deal of yesterday cleaning and organizing my basement sewing space. It's been a disaster. Pretty much since masks took over, things have been crazy down there. But now that has slowed down, I've been catching my breath. I have guests coming next week and knew it was time to tackle the insanity. It all started with a brand new (!) little drawer organizer I got off my neighborhood Facebook page for $4.00. Score! I was able to label and round up a bunch of little things that have been floating around my sewing table, including bobbins. So excited about this!

I also folded and organized by color a bunch of fabric. I'm picking up a shelf later to put all of this on. I'll share a photo once that is done. I'm getting the shelf for $1.00! :) I'm going to put the shelf to the right of the couch.

I'm working on a bunch of pouches. Booth sales should be happening again this year before the holidays and I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of inventory.

The rest of the photos are a tour of my sewing space. All clean now because of the inspiration from a $4.00 organizer! XOXO--Teresa

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