Workday Wednesday

A little follow up from yesterday: I picked up the $1.00 shelf from my Facebook Marketplace and put it to use right away. It's nice and deep, about 14 inches, so it stores folded fabric nicely. Everything on the shelves is quilting cotton yardage. Folded on top is lovely upholstery fabric from our sponsor, Swavelle/Mill Creek, waiting to be made into bags. There used to be ugly plastic bins in this corner, I love how neat and tidy it is now! Smiles.

I sent an altered wedding dress out the door yesterday which freed up time for me to work on a baby quilt for a friend. I made one for her granddaughter in 2019 from vintage fabric and her late husband's neckties. This one also includes fabric from neckties for her grandson. Such an honor to make this. This one has a National Park/deer/camo theme. I'll post the finished product, hopefully next week.

What are you working on? Teresa

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Harmony said...

Love the way the ties fit in so well! Three cheers for upcycling!