This Plant!

Oh my. I am LOVING this plant I got about a month ago. I was sashaying through the outdoor plant section at Walmart waiting for my EV to charge (I get 3 years of FREE juice at Electrify America charging stations!!!) and spotted (see what I did there) this girl! I could not resist grabbing her and almost hugging her and taking her home with me. Who could resist those polka dot leaves? She clearly likes her new home front and center on my "crazy plant lady table" as she has grown SO much in a short time. I may have to move her as she is starting to overshadow her plant sisters. Happy happy--Teresa


Lee said...

Wow! That is one cool plant!

Tami C said...

Love your new plant! If I ever go shopping again, I'll have to look for a poka dot plant. I'm giving up on outdoor plants. Too many bunnies here.