Workday Wednesday

Aside from bridesmaid dresses, pant hemming and summer dress reconstruction, I have been doing some other sewing. 

1) Bagette Lori and I made 45 cheetah theme bags for a Cheetah Conservation event. LOVE the fabrics!

2) Made and sent 20 bags to Little Girl in Nashville for her to distribute to peeps. :)

3-4) Made a tiny special order stand up bag by request through Etsy.

5-6) One of the most popular fabrics ever in my etsy shop. I used all the rest of what I had to made these pouches. One large stand up and 5 medium. If you like Snoopy, get them while they last! :)

1 comment:

harmony said...

Love the cheetah bags and the SNOOPY pouches! FUN!