UPDATE: Berlin, GERMANY Chapter

I love everything about what the Berlin, Germany chapter is doing! Look at that little cutie with the Kindergarten bags! Adorable. Such great fabrics, so many events, lots of people involved. Keep up the awesome work Audrey and German Bagettes! WAHOO! Teresa

Hi Teresa,
April: we offered sewing worksop for teens at local café during the Easter break

May: booth at the county botanical show in Beelitz 

June: Sewing machine week at Dalink Stoffe in Berlin . This was coop with Brother and we sewed in the fabric shop. Got to meet the Brother salesman ...another good connection

June: Renate's group in Groß Kreutz had a booth at "Brandenburger Landpartie" open house at agricultural institute. Her group also meets regularly on monthy basis. 

...and in our monthly sewing meetings we have been working on 100+ mini bags for Kindergarten children (Bagette Nadine and Christin have 3 year daughters in that Kindergarten). We average ca 8-10 bagettes at each meeting. After the mini bags we will be back onto regular size 😊

September we scheduled for the next "Apple Festival" in our community......

Chapter Coordinator
Berlin, Germany

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harmony said...

OMG! SOOOOO cute! Love that photo so much!