Pet Beds

Oh Sara--

I love this SO much. Thank you for sending. The original post about pet beds that includes the first photo is HERE. The photos of Kyle when he is little break my heart, he was such a fun loving little guy. Damn the disease of addiction for taking him away from me. 

I love that Sara used scraps and part of an old pair of jeans in her pet bed! Teresa


This adorable little boy and his mom inspired me to turn my Bagette scraps into pet beds for my local animal shelter. Fast forward to 2023, and I think about Kyle every time I sew & stuff a pet bed. The one I made this weekend is heavy with empathy for our beloved Green Bag Lady, who said goodbye to this beautiful boy last month.

Teresa and Kyle, your spirits will forever be entwined in every pet bed and Green Bag Lady bag I sew. 

Bagette Sara, Chapter Coordinator, Knoxville Area, TN 

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