UPDATE: SW Maine Harbor Chapter

This is a great update from Bagette Barbara in Maine. She always manages to find the coolest people doing interesting things wherever she goes! Love the fabric installation that Barbara was able to help with in Blue Hill. Fun! Keep up the great work there in Maine! Teresa


Hi Teresa. 

I worked on a volunteer project in August with Amanda Browder, a large fabric installation artist from Brooklyn, NY. 

She was chosen to be an artist in residence by the Reach Project in Blue Hill, Maine. Blue Hill is little over an hour away from me. It was super fun, and the fabric creation hung on the exterior of the Congregation Church on Main St. in Blue Hill for 2 weeks. 

I gave Amanda, and some others, GBL bags. 

I think of you and your family every day and send you my love and wishes for peace, healing and happy days ahead. 

Bagette Barbara 💚
Coordinator, Maine Chapter 
Green Bag Lady

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