Heart Felt. . .

A round of thank yous are in order. As we approach 10,000 bags, it hardly seems possible that this little project started out with my husband bringing home plastic bags and as a way to get fabric bags into both my family vehicles. Hmmmm. . .here goes with that appreciation. . .


Alicia, for believing in the project, pushing me to keep going, and throwing herself in headfirst to help me.

April S. for being the first (besides Alicia) to offer to help in any way she could. She didn't sew then, but now she does. She has literally sewn thousands of handles on bags.

Elna, who took my word for it that we would use the machines and keep sewing. They sent us 8 machines that get used daily.

•Shannon (Pixel Organics), who sent a ton of fabric to get me REALLY going, just when I needed it. Check out this month's copy of Body + Soul magazine. Shannon and her husband Chris and their 2 adorable kids are featured. Go see their new great company!

Kathleen, the fateful day I ran into her at our CSA and she asked me if my bag was from the Green Bag Lady and I had to admit that I was the Green Bag Lady. She told me that she sewed, I haven't let her escape me grip since!

Connie, who coined the term Bagette while we were giving away bags at an event. We loved it and kept the name. . .and her.

Lane, who emailed to say he might have some fabric to donate. Might? Might? How about a storeroom of 40 years worth. Love it.

Karen, fellow Belmont employee who emailed out of the blue to say she would like to help and had bins of fabric to donate, she wasn't kidding!

Harmony, she saw the article in Plenty magazine and emailed to offer some of her gorgeous fabric. We have been big buds ever since. I will go visit her this summer. Yay!

Ann, I knew here from church, but didn't know how great she was until she started helping with the project.

•April P., lives 2 blocks from me and I have known for 8 years, but found out about the project from a friend of hers in NYC. Small world, she asked to help sew, and so she does!

•Leyla, one of our new comers, such a sweet soul, we are happy to have you on board!

Carole, I knew I loved her when she sewed 50 bags the first week I met her. We'll keep her!

Sara, in the beginning when I was getting so many requests from all over, she reached out all the way from Knoxville to offer help. Wow.

•My Dad, words are really not enough to tell you how much he has done. Seriously, this project would not be here without him. He has been the main financial support and does all the technical aspects of the site as well as 98% of the emailing and shipping.

•And, of course, many past helpers like Anna, Lindsey, Barbara, Margaret, Jennifer, Glenda and Rich.

•Our lovely, lovely sponsors who donate fabric, Amy Butler, Harmony Art, Les Indiennes, and Pixel Organics.

Bongo World for coffee at events and freebie donations, Namemaker for labels and Emma for the serger.

•And let's not forget you, the readers, the bag toters, the fabric donators, etc. Keep up the greening of your life. We'll be here, making bags!

Thank you everyone, so much. This has been such a crazy and fun ride and I'm so glad you are sharing it with me. It means a great deal that you are all still here, still helping, still sewing, still laughing and still tolerating me! Much love and many hugs--Teresa


Kelly said...

What a beautiful Thank you! Thank YOU for being willing to share so much of your time to create bags for so many and keep our planet!

Adryteje said...

Congratulations...Was a pleasure to find you!

clairebakescakes said...

Teresa, I made more bags for my little girl for her teachers. She will be giving them the bags tomorrow :-)

I have about 20 or more cut up pieces that are ready to be made.

Hope you check it out, when you have time of course, LOL!


harmony said...

THANK YOU GREEN BAG LADY! What you are doing is most excellent and I am happy/proud to be a small part of it.