2022 Things

 Thought I'd do a little recap of things I've loved in 2022:

1) Switching to non plastic dishwashing soap, read post for important info.

2) Switching to non plastic laundry soap.

3) One of the wool dryer balls that I've had forever bit the dust. I love dryer balls.

4) Wands for Wildlife!

5) Ridwell, Ridwell, Ridwell! I love this company and what they are doing. Find out if they are in your area and join. Now. Today. 

In looking forward in 2023, there are some changes on my agenda. I've been thinking about going plastic free in my shower. I am a HUGE Aveda fan. I've been using their products since 1992 so this would be a big change for me. I'm liking the idea of shampoo/conditioner bars and feel they have come a long way. I'm seeing ads for companies like Viori, The Earthling Co (image credit), Lush, etc. Have you tried any of them? Thoughts? Recommendations? Would love to hear! Teresa

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