Workday Wednesday

Hello there, haven't done a workday post for a while even though I've been up to a lot. Of course hemming prom dresses is not too exciting. At least I have some fun things to show this week:

Pic 1) Book theme bags for Rachel who is one of our awesome fans. She is doing a book event where there are books as door prizes and she requested some swag bags for the prizes. Cute, no? The alphabet fabric is from the Garage of Fabric!

Pics 2-3) Two custom personalized special order tennis balls from my etsy shop. :)

Pics 4-5) Finished THREE quilts this week. Quilt #1 Deer Fabric. I'm SO embarrassed to just be finishing this. Gah. I finished the deer quilt top in FEBRUARY of 2021. Yes, you read that correctly. Sheesh. This is for my nephew's little boy who will be turning one at the end of this month. It was SUPPOSED to be a baby gift but with Bagette Dad being sick and then passing away, it just kept getting put off. But, now that it's done, it is a one year birthday gift instead. Man. I'll need to make a fabric bag to gift it in.

Pics 6-8) Quilt #2 for Harmony's hubby who loves car racing. I made one for him back in 2018 that somehow disappeared. He loved it so much and was so sad that Harmony and I worked to put a new one together for him that I like even more! Love the red with the black and Harmony has that new black polka dot for the back. (BTW, Harmony fabrics are on SALE!!!!)

Pics 9-11) Quilt #3 is a repeat customer who has me make quilts for her grandkids that incorporate fabric from her late husband's neckties. I love making these for her. The first one I made is HERE. The second one is HERE. And, now this one for a granddaughter due this month. Love it! The backing for this quilt is Harmony's Sweet Jane fabric.

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